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Finn AI aggregates data from all customers for a dedicated library of banking-specific utterances and pre-defined
responses. Each virtual assistant is already trained in banking out of the box.

An icon symbolizing how Finn AI comes fully prepared with banking utterances so, out of the box, it can help as many users as possible.

Intelligent conversations powered by AI

A diagram explaining how conversational AI works, from the question, or input, how the AI processes the question, and how it responds Read the FAQ

Finn AI Optimizes Conversations with Chatbot Technology

Our technology is designed to constantly improve and refine model performance.

A diagram explaining how Finn AI learns more about your customers and refines its performance through continued conversations with banking customers.

Finn AI Setup  Process

As a managed service, Finn AI is designed to be implemented and in production in weeks. There is no infrastructure or on-premise software to install. Finn AI’s natural language engine already understands millions of banking specific phrases. Setup involves mapping the bank’s specific products, processes and messaging to the 500+ banking user goals already created by Finn AI. Our specialists conduct this process, then refine it at monthly intervals as we evaluate the success of the AI chatbot at the bank.

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A woman smiles while typing to Finn AI; the chatbot asks "Looks like you just got paid! Do you want to transfer money to your savings goal?". The woman responds "Yes please!"