Allied First Bank is now partnered with Finn AI, a provider of AI-powered chatbots for the banking industry, along with AnyHour Solutions, a leading contact center managed service, to assist the bank’s support staff and help deliver exceptional digital customer service. AnyHour Solutions is a longstanding partner of Allied First Bank, and now with the additional support of Finn AI, the service providers can work in tandem to deliver an exceptional customer service experience during this period of increased digital activity.

The Finn AI chatbot is an AI-driven automated customer service solution, specially trained for the banking industry. Able to recognize over 800+ common banking questions immediately upon deployment, the chatbot can take pressure off of contact center staff by providing an intuitive self-service option. When live agents are needed, however, AnyHour Solutions can provide expertly trained staff support to help deliver the all-important human touch where needed, 24x7x365. These two providers support one another to provide an elevated engagement for all types of inquiries; those that require instant help as well as routine requests–resulting in ultimate efficiency and customer satisfaction. Both providers were engaged by Allied First Bank together as a two-pronged approach for assisting their contact center.

“With the pandemic, our contact center was buried in calls and service requests. We wanted a conversational AI chatbot to take pressure off our employees, provide an additional self-service channel, and reduce operating costs” said Kenneth Bertrand, President and CEO of Allied First Bank. “AnyHour and Finn AI address the unique needs of our industry. Plus, with their Turn-Key, Managed Service approach, we do not have to hire internal AI-app developers”.

Jake Tyler, CEO and Co-Founder of Finn AI, understands why Allied First reached out to Finn AI now to join AnyHour Solutions as a customer service member. “The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards digitally-focused banking as bank branches became inaccessible and employees were forced to work remotely. Simultaneously, financial urgencies have increased the need for customer engagement” he explains. “Banks need to ensure their digital infrastructure can handle this new surge of traffic. Our chatbot can answer simple inquiries customers have automatically, without requiring a human agent. When they need to talk to a human, however, AnyHour can step in with a trained live agent to handle the conversation. The two service providers work together perfectly to greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the customer service experience”.

About Finn AI

Founded in 2014, Finn AI is the leading AI-powered chatbot platform for banks and credit unions working with top financial institutions, including one of the largest US card networks, a top 10 US retail bank, ATB Financial, United Federal Credit Union, Banpro Grupo Promerica, TymeBank, and more. Banks and credit unions use the award-winning Finn AI chatbot to transform and deepen customer engagement, while delivering the operational efficiencies and cost savings of conversational AI. For more information, visit

About AnyHour Solutions

AnyHour Solutions ( is a highly flexible provider of comprehensive, 24/7/365 call/contact center outsourcing services for financial institutions via our AnyHour MSR, AnyHour Loan-By- Phone, and AnyHour Fraud Support services. Our purpose is to help our FI partners to enhance service to their customers, increase loan volume, and reduce operating expenses. AnyHour Solutions has been providing contact center services to FIs for nearly 30 years. Highlighted by the industry’s most experienced staff of agents, our contact center goal is to provide “Service They Will Remember.”

About Allied First Bank

Allied First Bancorp, through Allied First Bank, operates a full-service bank in Oswego, Illinois and provides financial services to its customers nationwide. The bank was originally opened in 1994 as the Allied Pilots Association Federal Credit Union, the credit union that served American Airlines pilots. The credit union converted to a bank in September 2001 in order to offer its products and services to a wider range of customers. For more information contact Allied First Bank, (630) 383-0000 or