Banpro’s Finn-AI Powered Virtual Assistant Handles 91% of All Customer Service Queries

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Banpro was founded in 1991, with the aim of contributing to the social and economic development of Nicaragua. It is part of the banking group Grupo Promerica, which owns nine operating banks throughout Central America.

Banpro holds over USD $2 billion assets and is acquiring new clients year over year. In an effort to scale exceptional always-on customer service across its banks, Banpro launched Finn AI’s virtual assistant technology in February 2018.


Why Finn AI?

Banpro selected Finn AI as it’s the only banking-specific AI solution on the market today. Finn AI’s deep domain expertise meant that Banpro could train and launch its virtual assistant in months.

The technology supports full functionality in Spanish—the primary language required to serve its Central American audience—and the Finn AI team worked hands-on to deliver an effective AI-powered virtual assistant in an efficient way.



Chats completed without a human



Number of sessions per month for returning customers



First contact resolution

Banpro’s Success So Far

Since its launch in February 2018, Banpro’s new virtual assistant is hitting all of its key objectives:

Meeting customers where they are

Most Central Americans access the internet via their mobile phones and Facebook Messenger is one of the main channels of communication. Rather than asking our customers to talk to Banpro through a separate channel, the team sought a customer service channel that could meet them where they are.

Our mission is to respond to the needs of our customers in a dynamic and accessible way. By partnering with Finn AI, we were able to deliver a conversational banking model that our customers can use to easily manage their money via their favorite platform—Facebook Messenger.

Creating better customer experiences

Within just one year, Banpro’s virtual assistant is completing 91% of chats without the need for a human customer service agent. Better still, it is resolving 80% of customer queries, freeing up human customer service agents’ time to deal with more complex customer inquiries.

Scaling 24/7 service

Today, Banpro’s virtual assistant is handling 39,000 customer service queries—or 91% of all customer service queries—per month, helping Banpro to meet its goal of scaling 24/7 customer service in an efficient way. The virtual assistant is experiencing a 22% month-over-month new user growth rate.

Attracting new prospects and generating leads

The virtual assistant is not just handling queries from existing customers—it’s creating a great impression on new prospects that engage with it. The most common questions from new prospects are about eligibility, product features, and the application process. Today, the virtual assistant is delivering an average of 136 new customer leads to Banpro per month.



Of customers return to chat



Cross-sell opportunities per month (average)



New user growth per month


What’s Next for Banpro’s Virtual Assistant?

With a growing number of customers using the virtual assistant, Banpro is looking toward the next opportunity to expand its reach. Over the next few months, Banpro will make the virtual assistant available through WhatsApp to make it even easier to engage customers via their channel of choice.


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