Q2 + Glia & Finn AI: Meet customers where they are, with immediate digital customer service tools.

Digitally-focused service is becoming a priority for more users: Keep your offerings up-to-date or risk losing them to upcoming challengers.

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Q2 & Finn AI: Fintech Solutions that Transform Digital Banking Experiences

New fintech solutions are filling in gaps in digital customer service: Integrating them into your digital banking can be the best of ...

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Glia & Finn AI – The Ultimate in Digital Customer Service

New generations don't want to call your contact center any more: digital customer service tools will help keep your brand where users ...

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Conversational Banking Summit – New Research: What Gen Zs and Millennials Want from Their Banks

NEW Market research shows how the next generation wants to bank differently. Millennials and Gen Z segments are critical to the long ...

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Conversational Banking Summit – Lessons Learned from the Field

Here’s three stories of banks and credit unions that tried AI-Powered chat, and the lessons they learned along the way.

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What to Expect at Finovate and Finn AI’s Conversational Banking Summit

It’s only a couple weeks until Finovate and Finn AI’s Conversational Banking Summit debuts: Here's what to expect.

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Real-life Examples of How Finn AI’s Joint-Model Driven Chatbot Answers Real User Questions.

Read how the new Finn AI Joint Model Architecture is making our retail banking chatbot even more helpful for bank and credit union users.

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How a Data-Centric Approach Led Finn to World-Leading Conversational AI for Banking

Much of the research on AI has been on developing a model-centric approach. However, having a data-centric approach can stop potential ...

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How to Drive Increased Digital Adoption With AI-Powered Chatbots

Your primary customer engagement channel is digital; maximize adoption and optimize CX with AI-Powered virtual assistance.

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Overcoming the Challenge of Providing 24/7 Customer Service is a Straightforward Solution

Best-in-Class customer experience is predicated on serving customers when they want, and in the channels they want. There's a ...

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Finn AI for Genesys: Live Demo Webinar

In this webinar we cover the shifting role of call centers and how advanced banking chatbots are a key strategy in elevating customer ...

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New Features & More Partner Integrations! Check out the Q2 Release

We've got more updates to our advanced banking chatbot and even more partner product integrations to tell you about! Read on for our Q2 ...

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