Chatbot Products

Finn AI offers three conversational AI chat products for banks and credit unions. Immediately enhance your digital experience, and get on a path to a full virtual banking assistant.

Public Banking Bot

Public Banking Bot delivers quick and easy answers to the most common questions for public dotcom visitors, drastically reducing live support needs for customer acquisition and general information.

Designed for rapid time to market, it can be live in as little as one month. 

The Public Banking Bot is the first stage of introducing banking AI chat to your end-users. It demonstrates to members and customers that your CU or bank is on track to take advantage of AI in offering a leading digital experience.


Banking Concierge Bot

For authenticated mobile and online banking sites, the Concierge Bot helps customers navigate and achieve their digital banking objectives with requests in simple plain language.

The fastest option for mobile and online banking, it can be in-market within two months.  

The Banking Concierge Bot brings deep AI assistance to both new and experienced mobile and online banking users. No more hunting through mobile menus, the Concierge delivers users right there on request. For increasing digital banking engagement and satisfaction, Concierge bot raises your service.

Virtual Banking Assistant

Use comfortable plain language to complete end-to-end journeys across whichever channel the customer prefers. Using API integration to digital banking platforms, Virtual Banking Assistant lets end-users bank via chat.

Time to market ranges from three to six months, depending on the digital banking platform in place. For pre-integrated systems such as Q2, it can be faster. 

Virtual Banking Assistant creates the most convenient banking experience for end-users, allowing completion of routine banking transactions within a friendly conversational chat interface.

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End-User Examples

Finn AI Chatbots give members and customers these capabilities

Public Banking Bot Banking Concierge Bot Virtual Banking Assistant
Find branches, hours and services
See the list of credit cards and special features
Find the password help page
Find page to change personal contact details
See the list of your statements or tax forms
See current mortgage rates or find the mortgage calculator
Pay a friend using text chat
Get your account balances using text chat
Review all the recent ATM card charges

Contact Finn AI for a full list of capabilities with each chatbot product