Meeting your customers where they already are is important: they’re happiest when they get to interact with their financial institution on a channel they’re already accustomed to using. Gen Z and Millennial users aren’t using the same channels that their parent’s generations were using: 73% of them primarily bank on mobile. That’s why City Bank of Texas has declared that they’re taking a ‘digital-first’ mindset when looking at their customer support channels. “We have to be able to service our customers how they prefer to be supported,” says Justin Knowles, Strategic Innovation Officer. By prioritizing digital channels such as web and mobile platforms, they can be there on the channels their customers actually want to be on. 

City Bank Texas doesn’t just want to be where their customers want, however: they want to be there when they want them too. Since users are able to access their banks 24/7 now due to digital service channels, they want to be able to receive service at these hours as well. This is why City Bank approached Finn AI to provide a Conversational AI chatbot to be an always-on customer support tool. “Our main reason for starting a conversational banking support channel was to meet the customer in their preferred location, 24/7/365” says Knowles. An AI-Powered chatbot is always there for your customers, no matter where they are or when they’re contacting you, to provide guided self-service that’s as intuitive to use as any other text-based live chat function. 

While having the widest availability to their customers possible was their primary goal, City Bank Texas has also taken advantage of many other features that Conversational AI provides. Having an AI-Powered Chatbot in place to answer frequent user questions means that less volume will go to their call centers, allowing for more time and attention to be given to customers that call to speak to a live, human agent. “As we launch the chatbot… call volumes will decrease, and chat volume will continue to increase” says Knowles, “chat support in a digital platform provided an easy way for customers to ask questions that potentially would have otherwise gone unanswered”. Chatbots do not just provide a better digital customer service experience, but these improvements have a knock-on effect to all different channels as well. The faster and more easily the customer can have their needs taken care of, the happier they will be.


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