City Bank Texas’ new Conversational AI Chatbot is now live and ready to help customers with all their online banking needs! Their chatbot, named Penny, serves on the City Bank Texas website to answer customer questions, assist with common banking tasks, and route users to a live agent when needed. Penny, powered by Finn AI, will be able to provide around-the-clock service to customers, streamline and automate frequently asked questions or tasks, and route users to a human agent where having the personal touch of live support staff would be most beneficial. 

“Our main reason for starting a conversational banking support channel was to meet the customer in their preferred location, 24/7/365” says Justin Knowles, Strategic Innovation Officer of Technology at City Bank Texas. As the vast majority of banking customers are now using Mobile as their main banking platform of choice, the ability to be both where your customers are and there whenever they need you is a powerful asset. An AI-Powered Chatbot is an always-on self-service option that can empower customers to have access to intelligent, guided service whenever they need it most, fully integrated with the digital channels that a majority of customers are already accustomed to using.  

One of City Bank Texas’ main hopes for their chatbot is to lower call volume to their contact centers, allowing their live support staff to be able to spend more time with customers and spend less time answering the kinds of questions that an automated chatbot could solve easily. City Bank Texas is also looking to rapidly expand the capabilities of their new chatbot, where soon it will be able to do everything from paying bills to transferring funds without a customer ever having to leave the messaging window. City Bank Texas is relying on Finn AI’s proven track record of providing exceptional digital customer service experiences to increase efficiency and boost satisfaction with their digital offerings.