Civista Bank, a community financial institution operating out of Ohio, has just commenced the launch of its AI-Driven banking chatbot on their dot-com platform. The chatbot, ‘Penny’, assists their website users in navigating the site, performing common banking functions, and can easily route a user to a live human agent when needed or requested. Ultimately, the goal of the virtual assistant is to streamline and simplify digital banking, helping to generate a more satisfactory customer experience. 

“Penny’s voice was the most important thing,” said Carl Kessler, SVP & CIO at Civista, “the marketing team is the team that owns Penny, and they worked very hard together to train Penny during the whole journey”. Civista’s team worked alongside Finn AI in order to create the Conversational, AI-Powered chatbot that serves as one of their many recent upgrades to their digital customer experience. “It’s a lot of good work: Very, very valuable, huge return [of investment] on it, but training a chatbot is a really important part of it,” Kessler explained. 

An AI-powered chatbot acts as a digital concierge on the bank’s website, allowing users to interact with it via text as it responds in a realistically conversational manner. The Finn AI chatbot is trained to respond to 800+ common banking questions and requests, everything from “What’s my balance” and “Where’s the nearest ATM”, to “Can you freeze my credit card” or “How do I apply for a loan”. When a user requests it, or when the chatbot feels it is appropriate, it can also easily redirect users to a live human agent without ever needing to leave the chat window, providing context and tools for the customer support staff to provide the best experience possible. 

73% of Gen Z and Millennial financial customers use mobile as their primary banking platform (source), showing how important moving to digital platforms is for the future of banking. New tech-based solutions for customer service are allowing users to stay on their primary platforms of choice and maintaining satisfaction of their experience throughout. Civitsa’s new virtual assistant chatbot will make it even easier for end-users to navigate their finances in their newly upgraded digital banking platform.