EQ Bank, a Toronto-based online only bank and member of Forbes Magazine’s ‘World’s Best Banks’ list in 2021, has just launched their virtual banking assistant on their digital banking platform. Their virtual assistant, powered by Finn AI, will allow users to have 24/7 access to intelligent, guided service that’s proven to increase customer satisfaction, lower call volumes to contact centers, and create an easier and more intuitive digital banking experience. 

“The launch of the virtual assistant means we are now able to help our customers 24/7 – without the need to always involve a human agent,” says Cathy Ly, Digital Banking Senior Director of Customer Experience at EQ bank. “It helps us, and helps our customers to make banking with us that much more effortless. We are excited to leverage the bot’s AI and analytics to give us insight into what our customers are asking for so that we can serve them better and better”. 



Finn AI’s virtual assistant is trained to recognize over 800 common banking queries and goals, and detailed analytics let those using the chatbot see exactly what their customers are asking most often. 

EQ Bank’s new virtual assistant will be able to help their customers with a self-serve option available 24/7, which has the simultaneous effects of both increasing their availability to customers and lowering call volumes to their contact centers. As customers get an easy way to ask questions without needing to call in, this frees up support agents to have more time with the kinds of questions and requests that build deeper relationships.