The leading AI-powered chatbot now runs natively in the Genesys Cloud. 

Integrating an intelligent conversational chatbot to your banking call center system is an easy way to improve your digital customer experience, and now it can be done even easier. Finn AI is now available as a premium Client Application on Genesys® AppFoundry, making it available natively within the Genesys Cloud. Having a seamless chatbot integration within the Genesys system will make it even easier to deliver fast and efficient service to your customers and members. 

The Benefits of Using Finn AI with Genesys

Genesys on its own is already a great way to provide support to your live chat agents, but there’s even more you can do to give your staff all the help they need to ensure the best service possible. Including a conversational AI chatbot with your Genesys system helps resolve user inquiries faster, and improves your live agents ability to deliver quality customer experiences. 

About 80% of customers seeking assistance from your institution are asking simple service questions or making easy requests: Branch operating hours, resetting passwords, changing payments, and other similar asks. These can all be easily handled by a chatbot, which will lighten the load on your live agents and free them to provide more focused service to users seeking out more complex information. 

When a user does wish to speak with a live agent, the chatbot can hand off the conversation with all of the customer’s information included, providing the agent all the context they need to engage in a helpful, informative manner. A chatbot will also help route users to the right agents who can help them exactly how they need, all in a much more efficient manner than with traditional call center routing. 

Finn AI as a Genesys Foundry Premium App

Our chatbot solution is now a Premium Application for Genesys, meaning it now works natively within one of the largest marketplaces for customer experience solutions globally. This makes it even more streamlined, creating a completely frictionless integration that can be live and ready to improve customer experience in weeks.

Finn AI with Genesys is a one-two punch for your digital transformation: this combination provides a level of convenience, efficiency, and innovation that’s guaranteed to elevate your customer satisfaction. Find Finn AI on the Genesys AppFoundry and get started today.