Finn AI is designed for secure, seamless integration with any banking technology stack.

When considering conversational AI or chatbot technology for your bank or credit union, one of the most important items listed on your request for proposal (RFP) should be the ease and speed of integration.

If your eventual goal is for your banking chatbot to be a primary servicing channel for your customers, it must be able to connect with whatever systems it needs to in order to answer the questions that your customers are asking it. For example, if a customer asks how much money they spent in Starbucks last month, the chatbot will have to:

  • Authenticate and obtain an access token for the user
  • If successful, retrieve the user’s protected account information to obtain account names and transaction history
  • Connect with a data aggregation system to identify transactions that have ‘Starbucks’ as the merchant name 
  • Calculate the total spend
  • Communicate total spend back to the user

For a chatbot to perform this task effectively, it needs to retrieve information from two or three different systems in order to present a response back to the user. This requires seamless, secure connections with all the back-end and front-end systems that impact its ability to complete the task.

Finn AI is designed to ensure seamless connections with most technologies, therefore conversational AI solutions from Finn AI are the most feature-rich and least resource-intensive on the market.

As a result, Finn AI can be implemented in a matter of weeks, whereas other solutions on the market can take months or even years.




Integration Case Study: Finn AI and MX


In September, Finn AI announced a partnership with MX, a leading financial services data aggregator. MX takes complex, raw user data and transforms it into clean, intelligible content and insights that banks, credit unions, and fintech organizations can use to create a seamless digital experience for their customers. 

The recent partnership combines the power of Finn AI’s banking-specific conversational AI with MX’s aggregated, categorized financial data. Together, Finn AI and MX are working to create an AI financial coach that fits in the palm of customers’ hands, leveraging MX’s enhanced data to fuel proactive, contextual, and personalized conversations.


How it Works: Pre-Built Integrations for Seamless Chatbot Implementation


Finn AI and MX both have well-structured APIs that supported the development of a preconfigured integration in under five days. Finn AI can now surface account-specific information (including account balances, recent transactions, spending by category, and spending by timeframe) by connecting directly with MX’s enhanced data.

MX can also push notifications through the Finn AI banking chatbot. For example, if a user’s account balance drops below a certain threshold, MX can push a notification to prompt the user to transfer money from another account and avoid an overdraft fee.




This preconfigured integration with two-way data flow is available to Finn AI and MX customers out of the box.

Simple Integration in Action: 5-Star Helios App


Finn AI and MX also integrated the Finn AI native SDK into MX’s 5-star Helios mobile app in less than one day so that Helios end-users could access a conversational assistant from within their mobile banking app. 

Our easy-to-implement web and native SDK makes it possible to seamlessly and quickly integrate into online banking and mobile apps, and our Messaging APIs allow us to integrate with third-party channels like Facebook and WhatsApp. This enables banks and credit unions to divert over 90% of contact center chat volume to the chatbot, reducing wait times and creating a better customer experience.

Integrating the Finn AI SDK into your mobile app takes less than one day.

Choosing the Right Chatbot Partner for Banks


While it’s true that integrations can be expensive and resource-intensive, this isn’t always the case.

With Finn AI, there’s no complex coding or lengthy pilot period required. The technology is designed with lightweight, well-documented RESTful APIs and pre-built, easy-to-integrate web and native SDK for seamless integration with almost any banking technology. 

As a result, Finn AI’s conversational AI banking technology can be integrated easily into any front-end or back-end system so your chatbot can be launched in days or weeks, rather than months.


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