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Best in Class AI-powered Chatbots for Banks

AI powered chatbots are radically changing how leading digital banks sell to and service customers. As a banking specialist we have one of the largest language models in the industry combined with pre-built workflows and answer guides for 500+ common banking queries and tasks. The result is a proven, effective solution that helps banks improve self service experience, drive efficiency and increase sales.


Out of the Box Understanding


Increase in Applications for Tier 1 US Bank


Average Containment

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Case Study

Helping ATB Financial to reduce their average handling time by 75%



Conversations handled
without passing
to a human


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“By partnering with Finn AI, we were able to deliver a conversational banking model that our customers can use to easily manage their money via their favorite platform”

Julio Daniel Ramírez Arguello, Executive Vice President


Top 30

Brands Worldwide


Increase in application rate
*Dec 2019


Finn AI works with one of the largest US financial institutions helping consumers research and shop for card products and triaging support volume away from the sales team

Digital Self-Service for Banks

  • Reduce Average Handle Time:

    Reduce average handling time (AHT) by 75%

  • Drive Effeciency:

    Our chatbots contain 75% of conversations without a human

  • Improve Service Experience:

    24/7, instant answers using simple natural language

Outstanding Customer Experience, Fastest Time to Market, and No AI Expertise Required

Human like conversations with digital scale

  • Rich banking domain understanding
  • Single Conversational AI Brain
  • Dynamic Fallback Suggestion by Default

Rapid set-up with low ongoing maintenance

  • Pre-trained on millions of banking sentences
  • Dedicated, unique-to-you bot instance
  • Out-of-the-box workflows ready for customization

Gartner Report

How to Set Up and Run a Conversational AI Initiative for Customer Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic



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