A Conversational AI Chatbot for
the Challenger Banking Industry

Elevate your Challenger Bank with AI-Powered Chatbots from Finn AI

Finn AI is the partner of choice for Challenger Banks who are looking to scale quality customer service without building an army of agents. We work with Challenger Banks in 3 continents and 2 languages helping them deliver virtual agents to address common support queries, enable day to day banking in new channels and drive sales. Our unique managed service approach helps banks deliver world-class virtual agents quickly and without high operating costs.


Problem Resolution for Transactional Banking


Challenger Bank Customers supported by Finn AI

6-8 weeks

Time to Market for Challenger Banks

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Digital Self-Service for Challenger Banks

  • Reduce Average Handle Time:

    Reduce average handling time (AHT) by 75%

  • Drive Effeciency:

    Our chatbots contain 75% of conversations without a human

  • Improve Service Experience:

    24/7, instant answers using simple natural language



Top 3

Fastest Growing Digital Bank Globally

TymeBank is a fast-growing challenger bank and needed to make sure that all of their new customers were getting the same high-quality experiences. In using Finn AI, TymeBank was able to create an application that improved their customers’ financial health. See how they did it below.

By partnering with Finn AI, Tymebank can offer highly personalized services to our customers, without the high cost.


The Koho Logo. This leading challenger bank from Canada uses Finn AI's chatbot technologies.

Canada’s leading challenger bank handling thousands of support queries per month


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Problem resolution


Sales leads captured and passed on by Fidor’s RubyBot per month

Fidor Bank experiences a high volume of customer support requests each month. Ruby Bot, powered by Finn AI, answers customer queries and turns leads into clients. Learn more in the case study below.

Helping Fidor Bank’s, Ruby Bot, handle over 13,000 chats per month with a problem resolution rate of over 55%

Outstanding Customer Experience, Fastest Time to Market, and No AI Expertise Required

Human like conversations with digital scale

  • Rich banking domain understanding
  • End-to-end Problem Resolution Focus
  • Flexible Multi-Turn Conversations

Rapid set-up with low ongoing maintenance

  • Pre-trained on millions of banking sentences
  • Dedicated, unique-to-you bot instance
  • Out-of-the-box workflows ready for customization
A woman smiles while typing to Finn AI; the chatbot asks "Looks like you just got paid! Do you want to transfer money to your savings goal?". The woman responds "Yes please!"

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