Conversational AI Built
for: Credit Unions

Best in Class AI-powered Chatbots for Credit Unions

Finn AI’s chatbot-as-a-service solution is built for purpose for credit unions seeking to improve their member service experience, reduce wait and handle times, extend service hours 24/7 and drive productivity. As a credit union specialist we have one of the largest language models in the industry combined with pre-built workflows and answer guides for 500+ common banking queries and tasks. The result is a proven, effective solution that enables forward thinking credit unions to deliver on their member service experience promises.


Out of the box understanding


Queries and Tasks Supported Out of the Box


Average Containment

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“Partnering with Finn AI has enabled this project to move from proof of concept to rapid full market deployment”

CHIEF Transformation Officer, Wellington Holbrook


Credit Union eBook

The Business Case for Conversational AI in Credit Unions



Digital Self-Service

Outstanding Customer Experience, Fastest Time to Market, and No AI Expertise Required

Human like conversations with digital scale

  • Single Conversational AI Brain
  • End-to-end Problem Resolution Focus
  • Flexible Multi-Turn Conversations

Rapid set-up with low ongoing maintenance

  • Pre-trained on millions of banking sentences
  • Out-of-the-box workflows ready for customization
  • Fast deployment; multiple test and production environments

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