Session Replays

Click any of the links below to access on-demand replays of all the sessions at The Conversational Banking Summit, brought to you by Finovate & Finn AI


Opening Remarks: Jake Tyler, Co-Founder & CEO – Finn AI
This event is designed exclusively for regional and community banks and credit unions: Bringing together AI practitioners and business leaders to discuss how AI chatbots are being used, as well as covering concrete examples of success and lessons learned, as we look at what the future holds.

Speaker: Jake Tyler, Co-Founder & CEO – Finn AI


Keynote: Alexandra Cahill, Capital One
Leveraging qualitative and quantitative data is critical to designing meaningful experiences powered by AI. I’ll share some examples of how Capital One has incorporated human insights into our design strategy, specifically around the pandemic and ever-evolving customer needs. I’ll also touch on how Capital One considers experience metrics in the iterative design of our Intelligent Assistant, Eno, as well as digital experiences overall. And, I’ll provide some insight into what’s next for Capital One in terms of creating smart and empathetic experiences for our customers.

Speaker: Alexandra Cahill, Head of Insights & Storytelling, Enterprise AI Design – Capital One


Session 1: New Market Research – How the New Generation of Consumers Want to Engage with Their Banks.
MX, Finn AI, and Rival Research share the results of their Summer 2021 Digital Banking Engagement study, exploring how the past year has changed consumer preferences and practices towards banking service and experience. We’ll reveal how Millennial and Gen Zs are choosing to interact with their banks or credit unions, including preferences for interacting with contact centers, digital engagement, and needs for financial literacy in this demographic

Speakers: Brett Allred, CPO – MX; Niamh Cunningham, COO – Rival Technologies; Jake Tyler, Co-Founder & CEO – Finn AI


Session 2: How Digital and AI are Evolving Self-Service and the Contact Center
In this session, David Porter from Genesys and Janka Coppens, the lead for Intelligent Automation at ATB Financial, will explore how consumer expectations for customer service are changing and what we can learn from ATB’s experience adapting to these changes. The ATB experience with messaging as a new service channel will be compared with broader study results highlighting preferences of younger consumers when engaging their bank.

Speakers: David Porter, Global Financial Services Director – Genesys; Janka Coppens, Managing Director of Intelligent Automation – ATB Financial; Arte Merrit, Conversational AI Partnerships Lead – Amazon Web Services


Session 3: How Can I Help You? How Conversational AI is Changing Digital Banking
In this session, you will hear real world stories of how the banking experience has evolved since COVID. We will explore the trends changing the digital banking experience and how banks and credit unions are responding with a combination of human and digital service. Tying it all together, we will hear a case study of how it has added AI powered chatbots to improve its digital banking and service experience this year.

Speakers: Greg Varnell, VP Product & Development – Q2; Justin Knowles, Strategic Innovation Officer – City Bank of Texas; John Fernandez, SVP Marketing – Glia


Session 4: How Leading Banks and Credit Unions are Using AI-Powered Chatbots to Improve Financial Health.
It sounds lofty, but the right data integrated with AI-powered digital tools can enable your customers and members to achieve their life goals. Customers rely on their financial institutions to provide financial guidance, and digital tools can enable this outcome in a way that is both highly personalized while free from stigma. Together, these tools increase retention and support growth. This session will cover how leaders are using digital tools, including chatbots, to deliver financial education and empower individuals to make better financial decisions.

Speakers: Crystal Anderson, VP of Product, Experience – MX; Ella Wilson, Product Manager – RBC – Borealis AI; Steve Zhu, Chief Technology Officer – Finn AI


Session 5: Adding a Banking Chatbot; Lessons Learned from the Field
Hear how banks and credit unions have added AI powered chatbots over the last year and hear them share a practical roadmap for those getting started today. Driven by high profile success at the largest banking providers, such as Bank of America’s Erica chatbot, financial institutions of all sizes are in a scramble to add conversational AI to their digital engagement. Not every bank will need a full conversational banking experience on day 1. In this session, we hear three case studies on how these institutions started their project and where they are today, including a practical ‘crawl’, ‘walk’, ‘run’ approach that others can adopt. The session will include a 10-15 minute panel and Q&A to open up the discussion to the audience as we draw out the practical lessons for how to get started.

Speakers: Amie Bosshart-Miksch, Digital Channel Manager Conversational AI – BECU; Donna M. Jaskolski, Senior Vice-President, Customer Experience Officer – Civista Bank; Rory Bolen, Director of Marketing – Allied First Bank; Nat Cartwright, Co-Founder & COO – Finn AI


Session 6: Where are We Heading; How Virtual Assistants Will Evolve in Credit Unions and Regional and Community Banks As the pandemic has shown us, change is often not linear. A decade ago, we were still debating if consumers would want to bank on mobile; today, it is the most popular channel for many Americans. AI will change our banking experience in a similarly dramatic way, and the winners will be those who are able to adapt quickly. In this session, Kirk Drake, who has literally written the book on how AI will impact Credit Unions, shares a framework for how to plan for this future, and we hear from two institutions with live chatbot projects what their roadmap for the future is.

Speakers: Kirk Drake, President & Founder – CU 2.0; Warren Pattison, Head of Innovation and Emerging Technology – United FCU; Susanna Chesney, SVP and Head of Product Development for Workplace Financial Wellness – Truist


Session 7: Lessons for 2022
The conversational banking summit covered the trends and best practices driving changes in customer service delivery, digital banking, and consumer financial literacy. We now wrap up the day with 5 lessons learned you can take home to action for 2022.

Speaker: Nat Cartwright, Co-Founder & COO – Finn AI