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Q1 2022 Release Notes

Finn AI's Q1 2022 product release notes are now available, and include many new features and enhancements to our Virtual Banking Assistant.

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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast – The Only Future for FIs: Truly Knowing Your Customers

Jake Tyler, CEO & Co-Founder of Finn AI, Joins the Banking on Digital Growth podcast to discuss why financial brands need to take ...

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EQ Bank Makes Digital Banking Effortless with AI-Powered Chat

EQ Bank, a Toronto-based online only bank, has just launched their AI-powered chatbot on their digital banking platform.

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‘Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’: New Vancouver Group Pushes for Support for Metaverse Tech Sector

Finn AI COO & Co-Founder Nat Cartwright joins other tech industry insiders to discuss the Frontier Collective, and their vision for an ...

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Virtual Assistants Help Banks and Credit Unions When Their Customers Need Them Most.

Potential fraud can ruin your holidays: Here's how a virtual assistant can give banking users peace of mind.

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AI Technology Can Assist Financial Institutions with Staffing Shortages

Call centers are feeling the brunt of the great resignation, but intelligent digital tools can help meet this challenge and increase ...

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Top Gen Z Trends Impacting Banking In The Year Ahead

Gen Z's habits have already been heavily studied, yet their attitudes toward finance have changed significantly since Covid came on the ...

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Webinar Replay: Industry Predictions for 2022 & New Research on Millennial and Gen Z Banking Perspectives

Finn AI, MX, Q2, and Rival Technologies came together to discuss what they’ve learned throughout the year and what advice to carry into ...

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BECU Launches Their AI-Powered Chatbot With an Impressive 700+ User Goals

BECU's new AI-Powered Chatbot has a staggering 700+ user goals trained into the chatbot from day 1, letting it hit the ground running ...

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SkyOne Goes Live With AI-Powered Chat!

“Digital service tools are becoming more important than ever to provide the best member experience possible,” says Jack Hicks, Director ...

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When Worlds Collide: How Digital and In-Person Channels are Interacting

At the recent American Banker and Genesys webinar, industry experts discussed the ways that digital and in-person service channels are ...

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Jake Tyler at CASFAF: Partnering with a Later-Stage Fintech

Jake Tyler, CEO & Co-Founder at Finn AI, spoke with the Cascadia Financial Analytics Forum on how partnerships with later stage ...

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