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Women CEOs on How to Drive Change in the Workplace

Being a leader is tough—particularly when you’re dedicated to building a culture of diversity, inclusion, and innovation within your ...

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Finn AI Weighs the Benefits of Data and Artificial Intelligence

Vancouver-based Finn AI is no stranger to scaling for success – the FinTech and AI company, which provides chatbots and personalized ...

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Does Your Banking Chatbot Make You Happy?

Is your AI experience more positive if your banking chatbot knows your name? This is a question we’re currently examining at Finn AI. ...

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Artificial Intelligence Incubators: Why Canada’s Hubs for AI Research Are Attracting Global Tech

Canada is among the pioneers when it comes to AI research and development. It’s home to a bustling scene that pairs academia with ...

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Brian Scudamore is all about WTF (Willing To Fail) (BIV Today No. 127)

Then, Vancouver-based fintech Finn AI is just coming off a $14-million financing round backed by Cascadian investors. Co-founder and ...

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Working Geek: A Diverse Workplace Creates Conflict – And That’s The Goal

People talk a lot about building a diverse workplace with employees who vary by gender, race, socioeconomic background, age, abilities ...

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Money 20/20 Interview: Jake Tyler Discusses the Latest in Conversation AI For Credit Unions

Finn AI President/CEO Jake Tyler stopped by the Studio Lounge to discuss the latest the trends in conversational AI, as well as their ...

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How Bankers Can Slice Through Chatbot Hype and Get it Right

Chatbots, virtual assistants, conversational AI…even the names are confusing. But these text- and voice-powered software options offer ...

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Why It’s So Hard to Put Bank Smarts in Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are proliferating throughout banking, but consumer demand hasn’t firmed up for virtually assisted banking just yet, ...

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Finn AI Closes $14 Million Series A Financing

The leading conversational AI for banking provider closes second funding round, announces hire of Former IBM Watson Executive Linda Wittich.

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Personalisation: From Novelty to Necessity

Will the chatbot solution transcend from novelty to necessity – or has it already done so?

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The Robot Paradox: Using Conversational AI to Make Banking Personal Again

Before smartphones, apps, and Apple Pay, personal banking was, well, personal. You’d drive to your nearest branch, visit a teller or ...

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