Ai Chatbot for Anyhour in Banking

Finn AI and AnyHour Solutions are better together. Finn AI and AnyHour’s partnership is about a smart division of labour. Inbound call traffic is divided between routine, transactional inquiries and specialized, complex calls.

AnyHour Solutions is a leading provider of outsourced call center staffing. With two locations in the US, staffed with 60 representatives, AnyHour handles after-hours and surge traffic for banks and credit unions across the country. 

Finn AI’s chatbot is the first line of defense in triaging and then serving customers, allowing call centre staff to focus exclusively on more valuable client engagements.




Channels Available


Online Banking

Mobile Banking

Third Party Channels

Finn AI conversational AI has been added to AnyHour’s call center staffing solution, offering these capabilities. 

  • Automated request handling, 24/7
  • Handover to live call center agents, either CU or bank internal or AnyHour outsourced call center
  • Branded conversational agent, consistent with CU or bank interface
  • Rapid time to market. Set up and live in weeks, not months.  No infrastructure or IT integration required.
  • Automated AI assistant for online and mobile, on public .com or authtenicated online banking sites.

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