An AI-Powered Chatbot for Genesys Live Chat in Banking

Enhanced Banking Customer Experience With AI Chat

Finn AI for Genesys is a virtual banking assistant built to integrate with Genesys-based contact centers. Certified by Genesys, it improves the end-user experience, speeds response time, and reduces agent load for financial institutions using Genesys Engage live chat. Seamless handoff between the automated chatbot and live agents give customers flexibility for service that best meets their needs.

Finn AI's virtual banking assistant can be added to Genesys contact centers, offering these capabilities:

Using AI that is pre-trained on millions of real-world banking conversations and able to understand over 80% of bank and CU queries out-of-the-box, Finn AI for Genesys adds the ability to capture and handle the repetitive queries that monopolize live Genesys agent time. The result is faster service, less waiting, and more time for live agents to deliver personalized service.

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