An AI-Powered Chatbot for
Glia in Banking

Delivering AI-Powered, Automated Digital Customer Service

Finn AI for Glia is a virtual assistant that delivers automated digital customer service inside the Glia platform, helping you to improve your service experience by providing support where, when, and how customers need it. Finn AI for Glia gives end-users an AI-enhanced chat experience to assist with banking queries.

Glia acquires Finn AI to deliver turnkey banking virtual assistants for enhanced digital customer service.  

Glia has acquired Finn AI to mainstream virtual assistants for financial services companies by making Finn AI’s proven conversational AI solutions an integral part of Glia’s industry-leading Digital Customer Service (DCS) platform.

Finn AI for Glia Allows You To:

Finn AI for Glia Use Cases

The Finn AI chatbot can intelligently and accurately answer over 800 common banking questions and queries. Here’s a few things a customer or member could ask that can be automatically answered with a virtual banking assistant from Finn AI integrated into Glia:

  • “How can I improve my credit score?”
  • “Please pay my electricity bill”
  • “What are the fees on my checking account?”
  • “I want to close my account”
  • “I just inherited money, what financial advice would you give?”
  • “I’m having financial difficulties, would you help me out?”
Contact Finn AI today to learn how to add AI convenience to your Glia based banking experience.