An AI-Powered Chatbot for Q2 Digital Banking

Driving Customer Experience with an AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

Finn AI for Q2 is a virtual banking assistant designed to make Q2 digital banking easier and more convenient to use. Finn AI is built specifically for retail banks and credit unions, ready to deploy with over 800 proven banking workflows. Institutions using Finn AI for Q2 give their end-users an AI enhanced chat experience to assist with everyday banking tasks. 

Finn AI’s chatbot will work seamlessly with your Q2 platform to:

Finn AI for Q2 Use Cases

Finn AI is specially trained for retail banking and credit union inquiries, and can handle over 800 common tasks all by itself with no human intervention needed. With API connections, the Finn AI chatbot can help users with common banking tasks such as:

  • Paying a Friend Using Text Chat
  • Getting Balances for All Their Accounts
  • Reviewing Recent ATM Charges
  • Freezing or Unfreezing a Credit Card
  • Finding the Form to Make Personal Profile Changes
  • Seeing a List of Recent Bank Statements

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