AI Chatbot for Q2 Digital Banking

Driving Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Finn AI for Q2 is a conversational AI solution designed to get the most out of your Q2 platform and deliver your members an optimized
digital banking experience. Together, Finn AI and Q2 unlock modern digital experiences desired by your members – promoting
successful engagement with the Q2 digital banking platform.

Finn AI and Q2 are better together!

Finn AI’s chatbot will work seamlessly with your Q2 platform to:  


  • Increase member usage of your Q2 digital banking platform
  • Improve customer satisfaction with your overall banking experience
  • Put you on a path to a fully integrated virtual banking assistant on a par with industry leaders
  • Provide automated assistance for hundreds of requests, such as:

• I’d like to change my address.
• Help! My credit card is lost.
• How can I improve my credit score?
• What are the fees on my checking account?
• What’s your routing number?
• Where is your nearest branch?
• What’s the best credit card option for me?
• Please pass me to someone who can help me (if live chat is enabled)

Channels Available


Online Banking

Mobile Banking

Third Party Channels


Finn AI integrated Features for Q2 Banks and Credit Unions

When consistent, technology enhanced service  is part of seamless delivery across all channels, Q2 based institutions use Finn AI for a rapid jump to an advanced AI based experience.

  • Up to 3 digital channels, including Online banking, Mobile App, public .com site, and Amazon Alexa. 
  • Live agent handover to existing live chat systems including Live Person, Genesys, Glia or Zendesk
  • Bank branded chat widget, consistent with Q2 digital banking branding. 
  • AI Chat easily accessible from any Q2 banking or website page
  • Concierge “delivery” to any Q2 banking destination screen
  • Voice to text input for mobile on iPhone and Android.

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