We’re the leading turn-key Virtual Banking Assistant- as-a-Service Platform

Our virtual assistant service is turn-key, operating in the cloud. All aspects of our virtual banking assistant are packaged together to support you in delivering a digital banking experience that is easy and convenient for your end users.

Intelligent conversations, designed for retail banking.

Focus on solving problems, not training Conversational AI models: The Finn AI Bot is purpose-built for retail banking, and our team of data scientists continuously review conversations to expand and update our model, optimizing performance.

Here’s why our AI-Powered solution is the leading conversational banking platform:

Out-of-the-box digital customer service

Our virtual assistant is pre-trained on over 800 user goals: It covers 90% of retail banking conversations with over 90% accuracy out-of-the-box, answering both broad and precise questions easily.​

Broad Coverage

Tested with real world samples never seen by our model, we are found to cover 88% of retail banking domain with 92% first-time accuracy


Granular Capability

800 User Goals at a granular level to differentiate general FAQ vs. Requests for actions and your specific products or services

We handle complex conversation flows

Our real-time dialogue engine greatly reduces your team’s design workload. The bot automatically asks for clarification when the question is incomplete,  remembers previous answers without asking again, and automatically handles multi-stage fallbacks. With the Finn AI bot, there’s no drain on your resources to manage alternative conversational flows.

Always-improving Model

Our chatbot’s performance improves constantly thanks to our managed Natural Language Processing (NLP) model service. Aggregated conversational data is analyzed and optimized by our team to automatically expand understanding and improve accuracy, without you doing any work. . Our model is 50% more accurate than other conversational banking solutions on the market.

Achieve over 60% containment at launch and reach 80% in 3 months

Managed Support and Deployment

Finn AI’s virtual assistant is delivered as a managed service. Our professional services team supports you every step of the way along your entire journey with Finn AI, from initial onboarding and channel expansion to a full featured virtual banking assistant across all your digital banking channels.

Built to integrate with digital banking APIs, it easily integrates with all digital channels, acting as the virtual agent behind the scenes, or enabling you to build your own chatbot UI.

Seamless integration for a no-code deployment with the Glia digital customer service platform, allowing for a rapid and easy implementation.

Pre-built integration with popular social platforms like Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Intuitive, easy-to-use Content Management System

Our Content Management System (CMS) lets banks and credit unions focus on crafting the best, personalized responses for their end user, not training the chatbot’s AI.

With a pre-built library of  default response templates for all 800+ user goals, all you need to do is to think of how to best answer the user question.

Intuitive Graphic UI  for content editing and previews,  enabling fast and straightforward content updates. With response guidelines, convenient navigations, and search features, locating the response you want to update is a breeze.

Managing a bot at your FI should be a collaborative effort: Fully customizable content statuses, owner assignments, and full edit history allow your marketing, IT, compliance, and support center staff to work together efficiently.

Built for enterprise workflows, responses are pre-wired to publish to a test environment first to allow quick iterations and review, then can be seamlessly promoted to production with the click of a button.

Industry Leading Analytics

We have the most advanced bot performance analytics and reporting in the industry, that goes beyond the usual statistics and usage reports. Our real-time, self-serve dashboard enables you to see what users are asking and if the chatbot is able to answer in a way that solves their support inquiries.

Our analytics answers these 3 crucial questions for your business"

As one of the pioneers of chatbots specialized in retail banking, we designed our analytics based on our industry knowledge and experience, to reflect true insights:

What good is data without actionable insights? Our customer success team will review the analytics with you to tailor suggestions and optimizations to help you improve your chatbot’s performance.