Finn AI’s Q1 2022 product release notes are now available, and include many new features and enhancements to our Virtual Banking Assistant. Read some highlights here, and download a copy of the full release notes below.


A new integration for Glia within the Q2 banking environment

The Finn AI integration for Glia is now itself available within Q2 Digital Banking. The integration enables banks and credit unions to adopt the rich, interactive, authenticated Finn AI chatbot, with virtually no set up time.

19 new user goals available to Finn AI customers

The Finn AI virtual banking assistant continues to expand its capabilities and can now respond to 19 new types of user goals, spanning areas of products & services, customer support, and account information.


A new, intuitive way to visualize real conversations in the chatbot.

The new user journeys chart displays the most common sequence of user goals triggered within sessions in an easy-to-read way.


Many new features to the Content Management System, including response flow navigation preview, batch editing, and enhanced response history

These new CMS improvements allow users to preview the navigation between responses, quickly update multiple statuses or assignees, and see additional information regarding response history to help managers track progress.


A new integration with the Glia TalkBot framework

This new integration will allow users to interact with Finn AI’s virtual assistant for Glia through phone and voice, in addition to messaging.

Want to read the full version of the Q1 2022 Release Notes? Download the PDF here