Finn AI’s release notes for Q2 2022 are finally here! Read on to learn about exciting new enhancements and features added to the Finn AI virtual banking assistant throughout the past quarter. 


Here are some of the highlights:


51 New User Goals

The Finn AI chatbot has greatly expanded its capabilities and can now respond to 51 new types of user goals, including account management and customer acquisition journeys. 


Authenticated User Journeys Within Glia or SDK in Q2

A number of our standard authenticated chatbot experiences are now available for the Finn AI virtual banking assistant operating within Glia or our Web SDK on the Q2 digital banking environment. Users can now perform actions such as checking card balances or viewing recent transactions using the Finn AI chatbot for Glia or SDK in Q2. 

A screenshot of the Finn AI chatbot inside the Glia platform, demonstrating its ability to show recent transactions

Self-Serve Publish

By using Finn AI’s Content Management System (CMS), A Bank or Credit Union’s content manager will be able to publish their own changes to the live chatbot environment without requiring Finn AI’s involvement. This allows customers to update their own chatbot’s content with no delay, providing users with up-do-date information as soon as it becomes available. Watch this video of how Finn AI’s CMS Self-Publish works. 

A screenshot of the Finn AI Content Management System (CMS) allowing the user to self-publish changes to the chatbot

Want to see the full version of the Q2 2022 Release Notes? Download the PDF here.