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Finn AI’s Top 10 Conversational AI Predictions for 2020

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From efficiencies in how we build and deploy AI to how we both enable and manage it, read our top 10 Conversational AI predictions for 2020.

How Finn AI and MX Simplify Chatbot Integration

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Finn AI can now surface account-specific information (account balances, recent transactions, spending by category, and spending by timeframe) by connecting directly with MX’s enhanced data.

Data-Driven Model Proves the ROI of Conversational AI in Banking

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Conversational AI—using virtual financial assistants and smart chatbots to engage in intelligent conversations with customers—is becoming one of the most impactful areas in the financial services industry.

Rasa Developer Summit Highlights

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The Rasa Developer Summit is an annual event that brings together developers and members of the Rasa community from around the world to share their experiences and learnings.

How challenger banks can access great data to deploy Conversational AI

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Banking is an exciting place to be right now, especially if you’re a digital bank. The industry that was built around the physical distribution of money has moved into the digital age...

The ‘SaaSification’ of Conversational AI for banks

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While Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has been around for a while, it is uncommon to see Conversational AI delivered in a SaaS model.

The Importance of Specialization in NLP

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Technology expert, Frank Chang, discusses the importance of specialization in the application of speech and chat.

Beyond Customer Service: AI-Powered Digital Self-Service in Banking

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A more personalized customer experience, always-on customer service, and increased demand from digital-first consumers—these are just some of the reasons banks are turning to conversational AI...

Conversational AI Speeds Up the Buyer Journey for Faster Customer Acquisition

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Customer acquisition is an emerging use case for the application of AI. By implementing conversational AI into key points of the customer journey...

Challenger Bank Spotlight: 4 Ways TymeBank Captured an Emerging Market

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Across the globe banks are under attack from many quarters. New players are entering the market, targeting specific parts of the banking value chain.

Releasing Deep Learning Models Into The Wild

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It feels like AI is ubiquitous but it’s not. While almost every consumer-facing organization has introduced some form of intelligence into its processes, most instances are rudimentary, rules-based, and don’t require a Deep Learning training model in order to work.

The Economics of Trust: How Banks Can Use AI to Build Trust As a Differentiator

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There is a hidden economy that everyone has been operating in since the beginning of time—the trust economy. We’re buying and selling in this economy; we’re gathering trust and we’re spending it in our interactions every day.