How Conversational AI in Banking can Deflect Call-Center Spikes


In this webinar, Finn AI will share industry data on the types of service requests being received as clients shift from branch to other channels. We will illustrate how to protect your call center by deflecting this surge toward automated systems.

How COVID-19 Heightens the Need for Digital Solutions in Banking

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In this webinar, Jim Marous, Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand and Jake Tyler, CEO of Finn AI discussed the short and long term impact of COVID-19 and how it will ultimately change the way consumers relate to their banks.

Business Case for Conversational AI in Credit Unions

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How conversational AI can deliver true value to credit unions and the communities they serve.

Fidor Bank Case Study

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Read this case study to learn how Fidor's Ruby Bot handles over 13,000 chats a month, and how it copes with 5x spikes in user message volume.

Finn AI’s Top 10 Conversational AI Predictions for 2020

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From efficiencies in how we build and deploy AI to how we both enable and manage it, read our top 10 Conversational AI predictions for 2020.

Banpro Case Study

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Read how Banpro used their AI-Powered Virtual Assistant to complete 91% of chats without a human.

How Finn AI and MX Simplify Chatbot Integration

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Finn AI can now surface account-specific information (account balances, recent transactions, spending by category, and spending by timeframe) by connecting directly with MX’s enhanced data.

Why Most Chatbot Projects Fail

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In this webinar, our lead Data Scientist, Dr. Kenneth Conroy, will be exploring how banking chatbots have failed to live up to their enormous potential.

Beyond NLP Intents and Responses

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Intents and responses are the building blocks of natural language processing (NLP) science. They are fundamental concepts of how a machine can appear to understand natural language and respond to it. 

Data-Driven Model Proves the ROI of Conversational AI in Banking

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Conversational AI—using virtual financial assistants and smart chatbots to engage in intelligent conversations with customers—is becoming one of the most impactful areas in the financial services industry.

Rasa Developer Summit Highlights

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The Rasa Developer Summit is an annual event that brings together developers and members of the Rasa community from around the world to share their experiences and learnings.

The Link Between Conversational AI and Profitability in Banking

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How conversational AI improves the profitability and overall competitiveness of your digital or mid-sized bank.