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4 Things I Wish I Knew About Finance Before I Was 20

After high school, I was lucky enough to find a well-paying job. The problem I had was knowing what to do with my new-found money...

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Conversational AI For Banking

Conversational AI for banking – by its very nature – is a constantly-evolving technology. Based on simple human conversations, this amazing science continually refines...

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Top 7 Tips When Deploying A Bot To Create Great Customer Experience

There’s no shortage of reasons why your business should consider deploying a bot. For large enterprises, in particular, a chatbot can bring a number of important benefits.

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Feature Video: Info & Support

Learn how your customers can leverage Finn AI to easily evaluate and apply for products...

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Customer Story: Banpro

When Banpro set out to grow its business, the Nicaragua-based bank knew that the key...

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The Evolving World of Conversational Banking

We live in a world where simply having access to information is no longer good enough...

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You Don't Need a Chatbot, You Need a Conversational Banking Strategy!

As a bank, one of the greatest challenges you face is the war for customers...

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The Ground-Breaking Technology Behind Finn AI

Learn about the technology and tools behind building Finn AI's virtual financial assistant...

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Finn AI Launches With ATB Financial

ATB Financial, Alberta's largest financial institution, launches a virtual financial assistant...

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Working at Finn AI

What is it like working at Finn AI? Learn about the problem we're working to solve...

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