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Challenger Bank Spotlight: 4 Ways TymeBank Captured an Emerging Market

Across the globe banks are under attack from many quarters. New players are entering the market, targeting specific parts of the banking value chain.

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Challenger Bank Spotlight: Fidor Changes the Game in Europe

New banking regulations in Europe introduced after the financial crisis in 2008 have made a material impact on the banking landscape, including the arrival of new digital first players.

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The Customer Experience Challenge for Digital Banking

Providing superior customer experience is an increasingly important, but challenging demand for incumbent banks...

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Calculating the Cost-Saving Opportunities of Conversational AI in Banking

With conversational AI, banks can now deliver improved customer experiences, while simultaneously reducing operational expenses...

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How AI Creates Cross-Selling & Upselling Opportunities in Banking

In this free report by Juniper Research, we uncover the full value of conversational AI...

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Releasing Deep Learning Models Into The Wild

It feels like AI is ubiquitous but it’s not. While almost every consumer-facing organization has introduced some form of intelligence into its processes, most instances are rudimentary, rules-based, and don’t require a Deep Learning training model in order to work.

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The Economics of Trust: How Banks Can Use AI to Build Trust As a Differentiator

There is a hidden economy that everyone has been operating in since the beginning of time—the trust economy. We’re buying and selling in this economy; we’re gathering trust and we’re spending it in our interactions every day.

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AI & Financial Services Can Work Together to Rebuild Consumer Trust

Artificial intelligence (AI) and financial services have one thing in common—consumers don’t trust them. According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, finance is still the least trusted industry globally.

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6 Trust-Eroding Behaviors to Avoid With Your Banking Chatbot

Trust is crucial as it impacts people’s behavior in all kinds of relationships—personal and social relationships, buyer and seller relationships, and relationships with technology such as AI.

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The ROI of AI: Converting Conversational AI into Revenue for Banks

In this recorded webcast, Steffen Sorrell, Principal Analyst at Juniper Research, and Carrie Russell, Executive Strategic Advisor at Finn AI discuss how conversational AI can deliver solid business results.

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Unlock the Value of Conversational AI in Banking

Conversational AI has the ability to unlock value in many areas of your banking organization. But what is the real potential?

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How Banks Can Help Shape the Regulatory Landscape

AI is evolving faster than the regulations that govern it. This was one of the big agenda items at the World Economic Forum earlier this year. Given the proliferation of AI applications in banking, the industry can expect regulators to start asking more questions about how banks are using the technology.

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