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Are Your Frontline Banking Services Ready For AI?

Successful AI applications have enhanced many areas of business from lending to fraud detection, anti-money laundering efforts, and cybersecurity. Today, banks are putting their money where their mouth is and integrating AI in banking to many of their frontline services...

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Building Banking Chatbots With Finn AI

Over the past few years, the re-emergence of deep learning and advancements in computational capabilities has led to massive improvements in performance for various machine learning tasks...

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Technology has opened up access to banking but can it stop the unbanked from falling through the cracks?

Those of us who work in finance can’t imagine life without a bank account. But for the world’s 1.7 billion unbanked adults, this is a reality...

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Working at Finn AI | Data Science Team

See what the data science team has to say about working at Finn AI.

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3 Ethical Considerations When Implementing AI For Your Bank

As the development of intelligent AI systems becomes more common and mainstream, stories of biased data sets and failed models are coming to light...

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Raising the Customer Experience Bar: How to Close the Trust Bar in Retail Banking

Show your customers that you have their back as their trusted financial advisor with actionable insights from this free downloadable report by Celent.

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4 Tips For Promoting Your Banking Bot

Conversational AI provides opportunities for financial institutions of all sizes to move from impersonal ‘selling’ to personalized ‘advising’. Through virtual banking assistants or ‘robo-advisors,’ banks can deliver a superior customer experience in a cost-effective way...

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Bank’s Workforce For AI

Artificial intelligence is often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is already transforming most industries and organizations, none more so than banks...

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What Banks Can Learn From GAFA

Disruption is defined as the prevention of something—especially a system, process, or event—from continuing as expected. When Barnes & Noble executives first heard about Amazon Kindle, could they have predicted the extent to which it would disrupt...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Bank’s Bottom Line With Conversational AI

Conversational AI in banking—you hear about it at financial services conferences; it’s referenced in just about every industry analyst report; thought leaders are writing about it; and almost every bank is integrating it in some capacity...

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Amazon Gives Banks a Run for their Money

Amazon may soon be nipping at the heels of banks. Rumors swirled earlier this year when it was reported that 80% would “try” a free online bank account offered by Amazon80% would “try” a free online bank account offered by Amazon Amazon was in talks with JP Morgan Chase to build a checking account product...

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The U.S. needs a ‘sandbox’ to help small institutions survive open banking

The transition to open and digital banking is inevitable. The tide of consumer expectation has shifted and banks that don’t adapt will not survive. But it’s not too late for those falling behind...

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