SkyOne Federal Credit Union has just launched an AI-Powered Chatbot, powered by Finn AI, to assist their members in their digital banking environment. Integrated with their existing Glia platform, the chatbot (named Skye) will now be available 24/7 to answer questions, perform routine banking tasks, and redirect users to live agents when needed. 


“Digital service tools are becoming more important than ever to provide the best member experience possible,” says Jack Hicks, Director of Digital Experience at SkyOne. “AI-Powered chat integrated with Glia makes sure that no matter what, our members can get their questions answered in an intuitive, seamless way”. An increasing number of credit union members are using digital platforms as their primary way to interact with their financial institution: investing in digital service tools is how SkyOne is meeting their members in the channels they want to be using. SkyOne can also expect to see lower operating costs, as well as decreased call volume as digital self-service becomes more readily available. 

SkyOne will deliver an optimized experience that allows for AI and human agents to work together and highlight the best of each other’s skills through the Glia integration. Member-facing Conversational AI can screen incoming inquiries, passing those that need human attention along and taking care of the rest themselves. By having a virtual assistant chatbot as an always-on self-service option within Glia, members can feel assured that they can have their problems heard no matter when they have them. SkyOne is raising the bar of customer service for their members by adding conversational chatbot convenience to the digital experience.

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