Proven Uses Cases of AI Chatbots in Banking:
Improve Customer Experience

The Finn AI chatbot for banking builds AI driven conversations into online and mobile banking to enhance customer experience, using plain language chat to improve digital engagement.

Chatbot For Financial Institutions and their Customers

Built and trained specifically for retail banking experiences, Finn AI is a chatbot for banks and credit unions,  delivering instant answers for the most common banking queries and tasks. 

For institutions, this means getting to market in as little as 4 weeks, with over 800 banking journeys ready out-of-the-box.  And to stay ahead of the market, Finn AI provides a window into the customer’s mind with every transaction. 

For members and customers, Finn delivers a 5x reduction in waiting time. It gives help 24/7, so their bank or credit union is always there for them, even when mobile and online.

Products that Deliver Real Results


Automated, instant resolution
for customers


5 times Faster resolution
vs. live engagement

4 weeks

Time to have AI live

3 Banking Chatbot Service Levels, All Built on Same Foundation


Public Banking Bot

Public Banking Bot delivers quick and easy answers to the most common questions for public dotcom visitors, drastically reducing live support needs for customer acquisition and general information. 


Banking Concierge Bot

For authenticated mobile and online banking sites, the Concierge Bot helps customers navigate and achieve their digital banking objectives with requests in simple plain language.  


Virtual Banking Assistant

Use comfortable plain language to complete end-to-end journeys across whichever channel the customer prefers. Using API integration to digital banking platforms, Virtual Banking Assistant lets end-users bank via chat.  

Case Study

Helping ATB Financial to reduce their
average handling time by 75%

Digital Self-Service

An icon with chat bubbles.

Reduce call/chat volumes

Extend your service hours to 24/7 with no additional headcount. The chatbot can handle repetitive inquiries to your call center and provide answers to the most common questions.

An icon with a headset.

Improve customer satisfaction

Be there when (and where) your customers need you. The chatbot can interact via your website, native apps, Android, iOS, and messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. Empower users to self-serve and see higher C-SAT and Net Promoter scores.

An icon with a clock with an arrow pointing down, symbolizing saved time.

Lower average handling time

Improve first contact resolution. Service agents will only engage when a task is too complex, reducing the average handling time (AHT) by a human and increasing employee effectiveness.

Customer Acquisition

An icon of a person on a phone with a plus sign.

Quickly onboard more new accounts

Streamline account generation with a frictionless application process that is quick, simple, and convenient for users. Provide proactive nudges to reduce drop-offs and improve conversions.

Supported Product Research

Make meaningful product and service recommendations. Present choices and associated offers to showcase unique selling propositions.

An icon of a graph moving downward, symbolizing a decrease in CAC.

Decrease CAC

Deliver tailored advice 24/7. Free up sales agents to deal with complex issues. Provide better service and increase new sales.

Case Study

How Banpro’s virtual assistant is handling 39,000 customer service queries, with an 80% first contact resolution rate.

The Benefits of AI in Banking

Using Finn AI contributes directly to containment. Finn AI customers report an average of 68% containment. This means time saved for call centre employees and happy customers with no human intervention required.

Finn AI is able to assist users 24/7, improving the customer experience. Our chatbot comes with over 500 queries and tasks available out of the box, including checking financial statements, transfers, and bill payments, making it easier than ever for your customers to achieve their banking goals.

Our chatbot leads to cost savings. Finn AI improves the average interaction speed by 5X, leaving more time for your call centre employees to assist with more complex queries. The Return on Investment gives you more money to spend moving your institution forward.

Finn AI works directly with existing call centre platforms, such as Glia, Liveperson, and Genesys. With an average 4-week time to market, our chatbot's easy integration will be improving efficiencies for your call centre employees in a matter of weeks.

Start The Conversation

Finn AI provides a cost-effective solution that improves efficiencies and ROI while maintaining customer loyalty. Let’s talk about how we can make Finn AI work for your institution.