Just like a physical branch for a bank or credit union, most call centers operate only during standard business hours. Support staff can only be available to answer calls for so many hours in a day, but what if a customer or member needs to reach their financial institution outside of these set hours? During periods of high stress, such as the holiday season, customers are going to want 24/7 instant service so that any potential financial emergency can be handled and dealt with before they cause any extreme distress. What options do customers have if they have an urgent matter that requires immediate action from their financial institution, and can’t wait for their call center to resume normal operation? 

Our team at Finn AI took a peek at the kinds of things that users were asking our AI-Powered chatbots during the holidays, and we noticed something interesting: there was a 500% increase in users reporting suspected fraud, and a 280% increase in reported lost or stolen cards on Christmas Day, a massive upward trend that persisted throughout the entire holiday season. Potential criminal activity on their account isn’t something anyone wants to have to deal with, especially during a financially stressful and sensitive period like the holidays, and people do not want to wait to have these pressing issues addressed. Thankfully, for those with access to our virtual assistant, they could instantly get the help they needed: our chatbot can freeze cards, lock accounts, and reverse payments automatically, all without ever needing a human agent. Even though call centers were off, they could still have these urgent matters addressed instantly so that they could get back to enjoying their holidays without the stress of potentially stolen funds and compromised accounts

Are your customers or members able to get help when they need it, no matter when that may be? Can your customer service staff easily scale to respond to customer or member demands?  An AI-powered chatbot provides a truly always-on customer service experience, able to provide intuitive self-service options that can be accessed 24/7/365. Users won’t need to wait for live agents to be available to help them, and can simply tell the chatbot what they need to get instant resolution Without the chatbot available, they’d potentially have to wait up to several days until the holidays have concluded before they could address the matter of potential fraud or stolen credit cards. Having AI-Powered chat provides peace of mind for your users by always being there when they need them most, especially during a time of year when financial security and speed of resolution is of utmost importance.