It’s a whole new game post-pandemic for credit unions and banks. It was a forcing function for many FIs to rapidly pursue emerging technology to deliver a frictionless client experience. A “frictionless experience” took on a whole new meaning. The operations of a banks and credit unions were stressed, but most importantly customers and members had a whole new set of needs that needed to be met.

We recently hosted a webinar where one of Finn AI’s customers—United Federal Credit Union told us about their credit union’s vision for how to advance their members’ experience. Specifically, our guest Warren Pattison of UFCU (VP of Emerging Technology) shared their plans and technology they used to do just that. Their pre-pandemic improvements paid off, and during 2020 to today, they are delivering a seamless member experience to their members.

One of their key tech implementations was Finn AI’s advanced banking chatbot. The metrics that UFCU shared blew us away.  After implementing our AI-powered chatbot they went from 10% to 60% of inquiries being diverted and resolved from the call center to completion, by our chatbot.

Today they are accelerating features from Finn AI’s chatbot to deliver an even better digital experience. UFCU members are able to do things like:

  • Banking on their terms – Chatting and transacting using voice chat like Alexa
  • Resolving inquiries more complex authenticated requests like paying bills, loan applications or replacing lost credit cards using our chatbot

Warren’s mandate at UFCU—to be where our members need us, whenever they need us. He uses technology to achieve this mandate.

If you’d like to watch the complete webinar you can find it here.