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Banking Customer Service and AI.

New Research: Customers Ask the Simplest Things. Analysis of banking customer requests from an AI perspective.

Customers Ask the Simplest Things.

Watch Finn AI’s webinar for real industry data on AI and live customer service requests.

Gartner AI Heat Map for Banking.

Gartner identifies the most notable AI banking deals, highlighting where AI should be used from customer experience to cost optimization.

Best in Class Conversational AI
Virtual Assistants for Banking

Finn AI is an AI-powered chatbot that helps banks and credit unions scale convenient self-service. A front line for customer support, it delivers automated service without a wait. The AI system trained specifically for banking, Finn AI includes over 500 banking workflows and understands millions of banking phrases. Automating the 80% of requests that monopolize agent time, Finn AI frees live customer support to focus on personal, meaningful conversations. 



of Customer Problems Resolved with Chatbot Engagement



Increase in New Applicants when Deflecting Sales Requests



Cut in Routine Customer Response Time

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Containment Rate


Customer queries successfully answered by our Virtual Assistant


“Partnering with Finn AI has enabled this project to move from proof of concept to rapid full market deployment”

CHIEF Transformation Officer, Wellington Holbrook


Benefits of AI Customer Service

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Outstanding Customer Experience, Fastest Time to Market, and No AI Expertise Required

Human like conversations with digital scale

  • Rich banking domain understanding
  • Single Conversational AI Brain
  • End-to-end Problem Resolution Focus

Rapid set-up with low ongoing maintenance

  • Focus on completing user journeys not language model training
  • Pre-trained on millions of banking sentences
  • Dedicated, unique-to-you bot instance

Top 30

Brands Worldwide


Increase in application rate
*Dec 2019


Finn AI works with one of the largest financial institutions in the US. We provide a customer friendly tool for a better card product shopping experience and triage support volume away from the sales team

Gartner Report

Artificial Intelligence Heat Map for Banking and Investment Services


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