Connect your Liveperson Conversational Cloud (previously ‘LiveEngage’) account to the world’s most powerful AI chatbot for banks and credit unions.

Automated customer service

Finn AI acts as the front line for your customer support team by delivering automated, 24/7 service and intelligent routing for most common queries and tasks.

Pre-trained to speak banking

Pre-trained on millions of banking conversations, Finn AI’s banking chatbots are able to understand over 80% of queries out-of-the-box. 

Seamless human handover  

Pre-integrated into Liveperson LiveEngage, Finn AI can seamlessly handover to your support agents for complex queries and tasks. 



This partnership with Liveperson removes friction in Customer Experience. They can self serve in the channel of their choice 24/7 in a natural language conversation, and can then speak to a human in that same channel if needed with zero friction – they simply say they would like to speak to a human, and can do so within a few seconds. At the same time, banks and credit unions can unlock real dollar savings using the power of AI to automate their contact centre operations.


Flatten your cost curve 

Stop scaling your contact centre linearly in line with customer growth. Finn AI’s chatbots typically contain over 70% of conversations and keep improving over time, harnessing the learning power of AI. Operational savings here we come!

Meet customers where they are

Customers deserve to have their needs met in the channel of their choice. Finn AI delivers a true omnichannel experience within your digital properties and in third party channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Streamline Acquisition

Increase applications by up to 25% by providing a more natural shopping experience and guiding the customer to the product best suited to their needs. Close the sale by auto-routing to the right sales agent, or complete their application within the chat itself.


About Finn AI

Founded in 2014, Finn AI is the world’s leading AI-powered conversational banking technology provider, working with top financial institutions including ATB Financial, Banpro Grupo Promerica, Fidor Bank, KOHO and TymeBank, as well as partnerships with, Liveperson, Temenos, and Visa Global. Banks use the award-winning Finn AI platform to transform and deepen customer engagement –providing a truly personalized digital-first experience– while delivering the operational efficiencies and cost savings of conversational AI. For more information visit or Contact us.