Live Demo Replay: Finn AI & Glia Integration

Digital customer service has transitioned from a nice-to-have to a must-have over the last year. As service interactions move into digital channels banks and credit unions are quickly adopting self-service tools like AI chatbots. 

In this 30 minute session Glia & Finn AI we cover:

  • How service interactions are moving from phone to digital
  • How Glia’s Digital Customer Service solution is bringing the human touch into digital channels
  • How banks and credit unions using Glia are automating service enquiries and extending service hours 24/7 with AI powered chatbots
  • Demo: a live look at how Glia and Finn AI deliver the best of both human service and AI-powered automated service



John Fernandez – SVP Marketing, Glia

Jake Tyler – Co-Founder & CEO, Finn AI

Yana Bobrysheva – Product Manager, Finn AI