We are excited to announce that we have TWO more new workflows in the Finn AI chatbot, that make it easier for bank customers to self-serve on common requests.

1. Freeze/Unfreeze Card

No, we’re not literally freezing your credit card out in the snow. But here’s what we can do when you lose your card:

  • The new Finn AI Freeze/Unfreeze Card feature allows bank or credit union customers to easily disable their credit and/or debit cards in their chatbot conversation, preventing future transactions from being allowed on the card.
  • Lost, stolen or misplaced debit and credit cards result in a high number of calls, and if not immediately disabled can result in fraudulent transactions.
  • Once the customer has found their card, they can then re-enable their card using the bot.


2. Payment Amount and Due Date

  • Financial institutions can decrease delinquent payments by making it easier for their customers to find payment information. Customers can access statement information that includes their full statement amount, minimum payment amount (if applicable), and payment due date.
  • With money movement enabled in their bot, institutions can then encourage users to make the payment directly through the bot – creating a seamless end-to-end user experience.


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