Finn AI Chatbot for Genesys Live Chat in Banking

Finn AI for Genesys enables banks and credit unions to launch a banking-specific AI chatbot alongside their Genesys live chat service.
The chatbot is designed to automate service interactions 24/7 while also supporting the seamless handover of critical conversations to live agents on the Genesys platform. For situations where the chatbot doesn’t have an answer or when the customer requests, engaging the right person in the contact center is crucial.

In this example from a $55B bank, the Finn AI chatbot is configured as a Genesys agent, and transfers sessions to and from other live agents in the call center. Contained sessions, where the chatbot was able to complete the call without engaging a live agent, have reached 60% of sessions and rising.

Finn AI and Genesys features:

  • Handoff from chatbot to human agent with full conversation context
  • Smart routing to agent queues based on skills and request type
  • Fits in existing Genesys live agent workflows
  • Uses existing Genesys chat clients, transparent to end users


Genesys Engage Integration

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How Finn AI & Genesys Improved A Call Center Experience


Faster user experience – customer issues are resolved in an average of 2.5 minutes.


Understanding level after 2 months.

2 Month

Integration process.

ATB Financial upgraded its call center capabilities with Genesys Engage, but needed to ensure scalability for their 330-person call centre. Finn AI’s chatbot works alongside the call centre employees to complete simple banking tasks for customers. If Finn AI is unable to assist them, the transition to a customer service agent is controlled and seamless.

Now, customers have their needs met faster than ever with Finn AI and call centre employees have more time to devote to customers with more complex issues. See how Finn AI and Genesys work together to improve customer experience and employee productivity.


Channels Available


Online Banking

Mobile Banking

Third Party Channels

Using AI that is pre-trained on millions of real-world banking conversations and able to understand over 80% of bank and CU queries out-of-the-box, Finn AI for Genesys adds the ability to capture and handle the repetitive queries that monopolize live Genesys agent time. The result is faster service, less waiting, and more time for live agents to deliver personalized service.

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