New Features!
New state-of-the-art NLP AI Model based on BERT

We are very pleased to announce the deployment to production of a brand new proprietary NLP Intent and Entity Engine, called “Joint Model”. The new engine replaces the current separate Intent and Entity models, using a state of the art transformer network architecture and multi-task learning approach.

The new ‘Joint Model’ increases the Finn AI chatbot’s retail banking recall by 4% and reduces false positives by 33%, resulting in a vastly improved conversational experience for your banking customers and credit union members. These improvements result in the chatbot having an increased understanding of spelling mistakes, long sentences, and one-word utterances. This will lead to more conversations that are understood, contained, and completed by the Finn AI chatbot.

All our existing customers are eligible to upgrade to this new engine at no extra cost. This upgrade is also 100% compatible with existing user goals and content. The upgrade process will be zero effort and zero downtime for the customers. 

Please contact our CS team for scheduling.

New Performance Framework

We have expanded the analytics package available to every customer as part of our managed service. Our new reports provide additional insights into the operation and performance of the chatbot, allowing the customers to see what’s working and areas for improvement. 

The reports and insights are currently delivered to customers through the Customer Success Team, and in July they will be available to view in our analytics dashboard at no extra cost to all customers.

Account Nicknames Available in Bot Banking Features

In order to make the bot-banking experience even more user-friendly, we’ve added the ability to display account nicknames in all of our bot-banking flows. This allows users to differentiate between their accounts based on the nicknames they’ve set on their online bank. The feature is available to any customer able to send “nickname” alongside “accountName” from their APIs, and can be enabled in individual features or all of them as desired.

Our new Demo Wizard allows prospective customers to access and interact with our ABC Bank demo chatbot on their own time and at their own pace. We’ve also enabled the wizard to be available via Self-Serve — prospective customers can sign up on our website with their name and e-mail address to receive a link to the banking chatbot Demo Wizard, lowering the barrier to get people using our chatbot and bringing new leads to our Sales department. 

New Content Management System (CMS) in Closed Beta

The next-gen banking chatbot content management system is almost there. 

With the new CMS, customers can easily navigate and find content organized in small logical groups. This helps users to better understand content relationships, or see and search through all of your content at once to get a comprehensive look at everything that your chatbot can say.

The customer editors can see, share, and update all aspects of the Finn AI chatbot’s preloaded response templates to better suit your financial institution’s information and tone of voice. Follow the response’s guidelines, or try the tool’s easy-to-use markup to utilize advanced features like variations, breaks, or response linking to customize your end user’s experience.

You can self-serve to publish response changes to a test environment easily. The Finn AI CMS’ publish feature will validate that all of your responses are properly formatted, and notify Finn AI once the content has been published to be put in a test environment for you and your team. 

Currently, the new CMS is in closed beta and available for preview and testing to selected customers and partners. Please contact your CS if you are interested in participating in our beta testing.

Existing Feature Improvements

LivePerson Integration with Rich UI Elements Improvements

Finn AI introduced the capability for bank and credit union content managers to link Quick Replies and Persistent Buttons to specific chatbot responses, allowing them to ensure that specific buttons will lead the users to specific responses. Finn AI also introduced the capability to assign destination utterances to Quick Replies and Persistent Buttons, an approach commonly used with some standard Finn AI chatbot buttons such as “Bot Abilities” and “Talk to a Human”.

Enhanced Browser Cookie Based Session Management

Finn AI is committed to ensuring secure authentication to protect the data of all of our users, and for this reason we’ve implemented an improvement to our authentication to use browser cookies. This improves security by ensuring that any malicious attackers cannot intercept communication between the bank and the chatbot. The expiry time of these cookies is fully configurable.

Easier Authentication in Demo Bots

In order to make it easier for prospective customers to interact with all of the authenticated features our demo chatbots have to offer, we removed the requirement for a username and password. Users will still be prompted to authenticate in order to give them an idea of a real-world user experience, but when the authentication window opens they are able to enter in any combination of username/password, or simply leave the fields blank. This removes the need for Finn AI to keep demo authentications up-to-date, and allows for prospects to pass the demo chatbot around their company without having to remember to share login credentials.

Partner Integrations

Finn AI Solution Available as Genesys Premium Client App

Finn AI has received a Premium Client App status with Genesys. This means that Genesys customers who purchase a Finn AI banking chatbot can now install the Finn AI Premium App on their Genesys Cloud account, which will automatically set up account prerequisites for the Finn AI human handover feature configuration. Furthermore, Genesys customers who purchase a Finn AI chatbot will have the convenience of being billed for their Finn AI App purchase and subscription as part of their established Genesys billing agreements and cycles. It is now more convenient than ever for Genesys customers to buy, enable, and get billed for their Finn AI Premium App purchase with Genesys.

Finn AI and Glia Integration

The Finn AI Virtual Assistant is now able to serve bank clients and credit union members via Glia Chat. Using the Glia Messaging interface, users can talk with the Finn AI chatbot, benefiting from the breadth of the Finn AI bot’s NLU coverage of the banking domain. Users can easily find the information they are looking for either by typing and sending their questions to the chatbot, or navigating through the chatbot using rich UI elements like buttons and galleries to simplify the experience.

In cases where human assistance is required, users can connect to a live agent without leaving the Glia Chat. Users can be transferred to a human agent queue along with the history of their chat, allowing the agent to get up to speed and assist the user in the most effective way possible. When multiple agent queues are available in Glia Messaging, the Finn AI chatbot can direct the user to the most appropriate queue by asking a number of questions to determine which agent group will be the most skilled to assist. If human agents are unavailable, the Finn AI chatbot will notify the user and provide guidance for next steps.

Finn AI and Twilio Flex Integration

Finn AI chatbot users are now able to connect to the bank’s or credit union’s live agents using Twilio Flex while remaining in Finn AI’s chat interface. This seamless handover from the chatbot to a live agent will allow users to receive additional support for their more complex queries. If multiple agent groups are available in Twilio Flex, the Finn AI chatbot will transfer the user to the appropriate group by asking them questions prior to the handover. 

When the user is transferred to a live agent, their chat history is sent with them, providing context and empowering the agent to serve the user in the most effective and efficient way. Once the conversation is complete, the agent can send the user back to the Finn AI chatbot, which will welcome them back. If no human agents are available, the Finn AI chatbot will let the user know and provide advice for next steps.