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Does Your Banking Chatbot Make You Happy?

Is your AI experience more positive if your banking chatbot knows your name? This is a question we’re currently examining at Finn AI. Although many people view Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a robotic science...

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Personalisation: From Novelty to Necessity

As the data culture establishes itself, so too does the requisite etymology and classifications associated with the new paradigm...

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The Robot Paradox: Using Conversational AI to Make Banking Personal Again

Before smartphones, apps, and Apple Pay, personal banking was, well, personal. You’d drive to your nearest branch, visit a teller or personal banker, and complete transactions or get advice…in person...

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The Case For Conversational Banking

In today’s experience economy, customer expectations couldn’t be higher. Thanks to companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon, consumers have grown accustomed to having relevant, always-on...

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4 Things I Wish I Knew About Finance Before I Was 20

After high school, I was lucky enough to find a well-paying job. The problem I had was knowing what to do with my new-found money...

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Conversational AI For Banking

Conversational AI for banking – by its very nature – is a constantly-evolving technology. Based on simple human conversations, this amazing science continually refines...

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Top 7 Tips When Deploying A Bot To Create Great Customer Experience

There’s no shortage of reasons why your business should consider deploying a bot. For large enterprises, in particular, a chatbot can bring a number of important benefits.

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The Evolving World of Conversational Banking

We live in a world where simply having access to information is no longer good enough...