“We are proud to work with Finn AI and collaborate in the rapidly evolving AI and chatbot space. For consumers, this will mean a more relevant and personalized digital experience.”

Derek Colfer
Head of Digital Product, Visa

Info & Support

Your customers can leverage Finn AI to easily evaluate and apply for products, and access bank information such as commonly asked questions, bank / ATM locations, and more.

Apply for Products:

Link from chat to an online application, transfer to a call center specialist, book an appointment with an advisor.

ATM & Branch Locations:

Find ATMs, branches, and bank offices using manual address entry or device geo-coordinates.

Customer Support Questions:

Answers to the most common questions in a standard banking call center.

Evaluate Products:

Learn about product offerings, compare products, and receive recommendations based on customer needs and profile.

Pass to a Human (chat & phone):

Transfer chat details to a service agent who can engage with the customer to expedite outcomes.

Day to Day Banking

Finn AI provides your customers with a conversational interface so they can access, interact, and transact with their bank accounts.


Access the banking system and link to accounts using a secure process.

Balance & Transaction Inquiries:

View account balance and recent transactions.

Spending Insights & Alerts:

Query transaction history by spend category, set and receive payment alerts.

Transactional Banking:





Pay bills, transfer money to self and to others.

FinnLit™ Teaching & Tools

An advanced set of coaching tools that provide your customers with insights and recommendations so they can proactively manage their financial wellness.

Budget Coach:

Identify and track recurring expenses and income, with alerts for upcoming events.

Credit Coach:

Check personal credit score, understand credit scoring factors, and how to make improvements.

Savings Coach:

Define goals, automate a savings plan to achieve goals, track progress.