Make digital banking easier and more convenient through simple, intuitive, always on self-service.

We can help you rapidly deploy AI-powered customer service without burdening internal resources and start you on the path to a full Virtual Banking Assistant across all your digital customer service channels.

Public Website with an
AI-Powered Chatbot

Start your digital customer service journey on your Public Website with an
AI-Powered Chatbot

For customers who only need a chatbot on their public website without authentication, the  AI-Powered Chatbot can provide quick and informative answers to the most common questions, how-tos, and product information with Finn AI’s rich retail banking user goal library.

Rapid Time to Market

Your public website is a great starting point for your chatbot journey. Our pre-built banking Bot is trained and ready to go out of the box and is typically launched in less than 8 weeks.

Sales and Customer

With answers to 800+ commonly asked questions Finn AI’s Public Website Chatbot helps your users quickly and easily navigate your website, find product information, access troubleshooting during application flows and resolve customer support queries.

Live Agent Handover

Seamlessly hands off high value support inquiries to live-agents within Glia, including pass conversation context and enabling agents to switch to voice, video, co-browsing and more.


Banking is complex and difficult to navigate, and our FinWell module can help. It’s pre-built with 100+ financial health and education use cases, from helping users  understand savings and credit products to comparing a user’s financial  behavior against national benchmarks.

Virtual Banking Assistant for Online and Mobile Banking

Easier and More
Digital Banking

Enable your users to find, navigate and perform day-to-day digital banking objectives  in plain language, inside the chat. No more hunting through mobile menus!

Authenticated Banking

The virtual banking assistant helps users perform advanced transactions like sending money to a friend, paying bills, putting a credit card on hold, ordering more checks and more.

Spending Insights

Help customers reach their financial goals by improving their financial well-being with personalized financial wellness insights  to help them better manage their finances. Deliver proactive insights like spending patterns by category and time frame, or information on their saving or borrowing behaviors. 

5x Higher usage than on public website

Elevate the digital banking experience with a Virtual Banking Assistant for Online and Mobile Banking

Deployed inside an authenticated online banking website or mobile app, the Virtual Banking Assistant can complete end-to-end banking transactions in the chat, such as balance inquiries or making payments. The Virtual Banking Assistant includes authentication and banking API integrations. 

The Virtual Banking Assistant includes all features available with  the Public AI-Powered Chatbot, providing quick and informative answers to hundreds of the most common support, product information and how-to questions with Finn AI’s rich retail banking user goal library.

AI-Powered Chatbot

Virtual Banking Assistant